Please match the image to the corresponding number for a brief description:

(1) This sculpture is a visual representation of the creative potential present in the uterus when it is used for creation on many different levels.

(2) As individuals in the world each on our journey toward living as our highest form of ourselves we encounter continual opportunities and choices. This sculpture embodies the dichotomy often present in those choices.

(3) “Ba”, in Ki Kaonde, is placed in front of someone’s name to refer to them respectfully. “Ba Jenny" is my ode to the women of Zambia who sustain their families, their fields and themselves, supporting a nation with their energy.

(4) Kamakechi, a village in Zambia, is located in a buffer zone outside a national forest where hunting is no longer allowed in order to sustain animal populations. This ban on hunting has created a void in the lives of the men in the village often mollified by alcohol. “Fractured Communities” are villages I have created as hybridizations of primitive and modern modes of being. With modernization comes the challenge of adaptation.

(5) This heart is a piece of a larger installation entitled “Veins Become You” which explores the idea that we are becoming and decomposing simultaneously in our lives, ideally in balance.

(6) It is important we each have a place we feel safe to create and live in. This home needs to exist both within us and externally from us.

(7) Frank Lloyd Wright and Grandma sat down to have tea. This is what they whipped up.

Ash, steel, soil, cast bronze, Zambia, stoneware, iron, Frank Lloyd Wright, weaving