Public Art


Please match the image to the corresponding number for a brief description:

(1) Themes of home are explored in this community fabricated, broken-glass mosaic mural (in-progress). Permanent installation will be at a local community art center. 4’ x 11’ x 1.5”

(2) Cloud tiles were created out of clay by participating students in grades kindergarten through fourth at a local gifted and talented public magnet elementary school. These tiles were then assembled into the larger “Cloudscape”. Images of importance to the students were imbedded into the clouds to create an interactive experience for the viewer. 5’ x 17.5’ x 1.5”

(3) One of ten panels fabricated for Contra Costa County Transportation Authority as an assistant artist with Surface Strategy LLC. Oil clay in-process Panel # DMM8, Lead sculptor on this panel. Panels create 4.5 miles of custom, cast-in-place concrete retaining walls for highways and local interchanges. 8’ x 12’ x 1.75”

(4) As an assistant artist with Surface Strategy LLC, custom carved, cast-in-place concrete, bas-relief sound wall. Detail of composition inspired by the desert landscape and migration of hummingbirds to Tucson, AZ. Funded through the 1% for Public Art, Pima County Arts Council. 6.5’ x 12’ x 1.5”

broken glass, community, mosaic mural, concrete, oil clay, heron, hummingbird, cloud, one percent for public art